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Val Interiors is a well established Interior Architecture Consultancy Company based in Gaborone & Francistown and deals mainly with Residential, Corporate and Retail Projects. We engage in the broader design industry to keep abreast of the issues, trends and developments within the field which provides the context for which we approach the design process. 

Our talented design team brings a diversity of experience in both Interior Design and Interior Architecture, fresh perspective and originality, together with honed technical expertise and attention to detail results in exquisite interior designs. Abreast of the latest technology and trends in interior design, Val Interiors also provides an intelligent, customised interpretation of clients´ needs, resulting in innovative and unique interior designs, tailored to create the maximum impact. 

Every project presents a unique opportunity to allow differentiation through the creation of a distinctive and memorable environment and experience through the delivery of an optimum solution where originality and creativity reign supreme, enabling Val Interiors to surpass expectations in every facet of our comprehensive consultancy service.